Stars shine for everyone


All children from special education and more vulnerable people should have the opportunity to admire the starry sky with the help of a telescope. That is the premise of the telescope making group “Kijkerbouw” of the Observatory Armand Pien of the university of Ghent and is an idea of Jean-Pierre Grootaerd and Harrie Rutten.

Schools for special education and institutions for children with disabilities may purchase a wonderful telescope through sponsorship for a symbolic amount. It is a refractor 80/900 as seen in the photo. The telescope will be delivered with a simple homebuilt mount.
Each school or institution within the above mentioned target groups from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, may contact a participating astronomy club in his or her neighbourhood. They can help the school or institution with the use of the telescope. The price of the complete telescope (telescope tube, viewfinder, zenith prism, two accompanying eyepieces and homebuilt assembly) is only 100 euros.
This particular action was made possible by BRESSER, which is the company that provides the telescopes, CNC Wood Engineering (Arcen, North Limburg) that provides the wood millwork and AST Optics Astro Market who donates an USB eyepiece (webcam) to each telescope.
A number of telescopes will carry the signature of important and famous people. The telescopes for the children from the Netherlands will have the signature of astronauts and cebrilitys. The project is a collaboration with the Flemish astronomical association VVS(Flanders), All Flemish Public Observatories,the Royal Netherlands Association for Meteorology and Astronomy KNVWS, ESERO Belgium, Brussels Planetarium, ESA and Euro Space Society.
Information can be obtained from the project leaders Jean-Pierre Grootaerd and Harrie Rutten: